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Z Nation Season 3 Episode 1Z Nation Season 3 Episode 1 “No Mercy” :- Watch Z Nation Season 3 Episode 1 “No Mercy” on Youtube on Fire,For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the show thus far, here’s the broad strokes: Season one saw a team of rag-tag heroes in a zombie apocalypse fail to get a man to the CDC that survived being bitten thanks to an experimental vaccine. Season two saw most of the same rag-tag heroes succeed in getting said man to the CDC in California, which was actually a nuclear submarine. There, they’re told of an island in Hawaii in which civilization’s top scientists and businessmen built a utopia to restart the human race called Zona. Yatta, yatta, yatta, the vaccinated man, Murphy (Keith Allan), uses his newly-acquired powers of mind control to sink the sub and capture its lead scientist and captain. Meanwhile, the rag-tag heroes are accosted by a military faction of unknown Asian-descent. BOOM, you’re caught up!The Season two finale ended with so many cliffhangers and threads to pull that the showrunners were clearly daunted by the prospect of getting into them. Really, the two-hour season premiere didn’t even try. Instead, it opted for a flashback episode that chronologically takes place in the middle of season two. We know that because Cassandra (Pisay Pao) is alive and well. We open on a new villain with absolutely no hair. From here on out, we’ll refer to him as Evil Mr. Clean. Evil Mr. Clean has seven captives and he confronts a colony of survivors taking refuge in an abandoned pharmaceutical factory. He needs a Dr. Teller to reveal himself as he’s the last name on his list of people to capture. He threatens all of the survivor’s personal safety and kidnaps a boy to use as collateral. It’s at this point that, despite the lack of zombies, I found myself thinking of this as a grittier and more-brutal version of the campy Syfy series than I’m used to.

Z Nation Season 3 Episode 1 “No Mercy” on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Drama, Horror
Release: 16 September 2016
IMDB Rating: 8.7/10
Director: Abram Cox
Stars: Kellita Smith, Nat Zang, Anastasia Baranova

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