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Wild OatsWild Oats  :- Watch Wild Oats  on Youtube on Fire,A retired widow who hits the jackpot when she receives a life insurance check mistakenly made out for $5,000,000 instead of $50.000. She and her best friend then take off, only to become media sensations and fugitives from justice. I just adored Wild Oats. MacLaine and Jessica are so electric when on screen together, their chemistry works so well and it is so heartwarming to see these two veteran legendary screen icons interact and be so close. Demi Moore is good here too, her supporting performance is focused and it just hits the spots that are necessary. There are so many funny lines of dialogue in this film and I loved hearing them come from the actors on screen, because they were just the right people for them, I’m glad Demi replaced SJP too, I mean I like SJP, but Demi is better in this particular role. The plot may seem trite and formulaic, and in some ways, it is, but I suggest that you actually sit down and watch this movie, it may surprise you. It was much more emotional and touching then I expected it to be, especially towards the ending. Also, it teaches great messages, it teaches messages of long term true friendship, love, coping with loss, and that you are never too old to let loose and have a little fun, age is but a number folks. 8/10 for Wild Oats, go enjoy it, it won’t let ya down! Also, like the second to last scene of the movie is just sooo sweet and touching and it almost made me cry!

Wild Oats  on YoutubeonFire :-
Action, Comedy, Drama
Release: 16 September 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10
Director: Andy Tennant
Stars: Demi Moore, Jessica Lange, Shirley MacLaine


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