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All The WayAll The Way :- Watch All The Way on Youtube on Fire,Lyndon B. Johnson becomes the President of the United States in the chaotic aftermath of JFK’s assassination and spends his first year in office to quickly pass the Civil Rights Act.It’s difficult to watch All the Way, especially near the end or in the last stretch of the film, and not think about the recent Ava DuVernay film Selma. That was all about the movement spearheaded by Dr. King to get the Voting Rights Act passed and the hurdles he had to get it done, not least of which was fully getting Lyndon Johnson to get it going faster than it was. I don’t think All the Way, directed by Jay Roach (who is practically the go-to guy to helm movies, mostly for HBO, all about major political times and movements like Recount and Game Change and so on), may not be quite as powerful as Selma is – frankly I’m not sure Roach is as provocative and technically daring as DuVernay was in that film (but then again, who was compared to that film – but, and this is a big but, he does a lot with what he’s given here. And the interesting thing with looking at both films is that the roles of Lyndon Johnson and King get reversed: King and Johnson were lead and supporting in Selma, so All the Way the former becomes the latter.
Now, it might seem like it’s basic enough to plant this story and have it coast on the actors – not just Cranston, who is towering and commanding and yet wholly vulnerable and tender when he has his quiet moments, but also Melissa Leo, Anthony Mackie, Bradley Whitford, Stephen Root, and of course Frank Langella – and that could be enough. But anything that’s really good and that can hopefully last for a while will have some resonance past its own historical and sociological interest. I think All the Way has that in spades, whether you’re looking hard for it or not, as 1964 was simply a year that spoke to a lot of issues that affect a lot of people EVERY day.

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Biography, Drama, History
Release: 21 May 2016
IMDB Rating : 83/100
Director: Jay Roach
Stars : Anthony Mackie, Bryan Cranston, Joe Morton

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