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The Wailing The Wailing :- Watch The Wailing on Youtube on Fire,A little village in the mountains of South Korea. The residents know each other well, but not the smart young man, who is moving into the village. He is polite, but also likes to stay on his own. Soon after his arrival, a mysterious sickness starts spreading and the residents suspects the unknown man for making them sick. But the police thinks they got accidentally poisoned by wild mushrooms. Also police officer Jong-goo, who is leading the investigation. But then he meets a mysterious young woman called Moo-myung, who gives him information about the stranger. Right then Jong-goos daughter becomes sick, showing the same symptoms like the residents. Desperate he gives his daughter to the shaman Il-gwan in order to protect her while he is trying to solve the mystery behind the sickness.I remember that I had a gut(Korean traditional exorcism by mudang like shaman) when I was 13. Back then, I was the most weakest student in my class. So my grandma always worried about my health and I met mudang with my grandma. After finishing ceremony, I got to her house by old truck. she said ” Don’t look back” “If you look back, bad spirits follow us and it will be harmful to us”.and then I closed my eyes tightly until I got to her house.Because It was so sacred.In a word about this movie, It feels like I looked back even if my grandma warned me.
That’s all I can’t say anymore.You can find every good perspective of Korean movies. Moreover, You can taste a lot of texture of flavor such as Comedy, Horror(Exorcism,Gore,Traditional),philosophy(Religion, identity,suspicion),thriller. This movie is so ambitious. but It is very successful.If you are interested in this movie, You should watch Bulshinjiokbefore this movie. It will be helpful to understand Korean traditional ceremony and shamanism also you can see improvements of Korean movie.

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Mystery, Thriller
Release: 3 June 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 80/100
Director: Hong-jin Na
Stars: Jun Kunimura, Jeong-min Hwang, Woo-hee Chun

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