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Violent Shit The Movie (2015)Violent Shit: The Movie :- Watch Violent Shit: The Movie on YoutubeonFire, And yet, this sadly remains a completely nonsensical piece of pure rubbish that is almost impossible to sit through… Director/co-writer Luigi Pastore comes up with a series of repulsive images, like close up amputations and disembowelment, but there isn’t the slightest bit of structure, logic or continuity in the script. What the heck am I writing; there probably wasn’t even a script! A maniacal killer, known as Karl the Butcher, roams the streets of Rome 15 years after he was last active in Berlin. German investigator Hans Ebert teams up with his Italian colleague Aristide D’Amato and via a lot of insufferably dumb and tedious conversations, they somehow establish there’s a link between Karl the Butcher and the mysteriously eccentric Professor Vassago. Indeed, the latter enjoys resurrecting Karl the Butcher and controlling him like a sock-puppet, but I absolutely don’t have a clue how or for what purpose he does so. Just like his “big example” Andreas Schnaas, Luigi Pastore doesn’t have any knowledge about how to narrate a story, build up tension or insert character development. The film is a spitfire of badly angled camera viewpoints, horrendous dialogs and pointless padding footage. I probably don’t have to add that the players are miserable amateurs and their English language skills are simultaneously laughable and pitiable. Even experienced actors, like Giovanni Lombardo Radice, adapt themselves to the bottom-of-the-barrel standards of this production. He looks somewhat like a retarded version of Max Shreck in “Nosferatu” and shouts a whole lot of things that don’t make any sense.

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Release: 17 July 2015 (South Korea)
IMDB Rating : 3.5/10
Director: Luigi Pastore
Stars : Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Antonio Zequila, Lilli Carati

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