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Two Wrongs (2015)Two Wrongs :- Watch Two Wrongs on Youtube on Fire, I swear this movie is designed for emotional people who have very little logical capacity. The plot makes no sense. The point of extortion and kidnapping is to get the victim’s family to do something, that the kidnappers themselves cannot do. In this plot, they can do it themselves but just want someone else to do it essentially (which makes no sense). Of course the title suggests “two wrongs… don’t make a right”… but that is absolutely silly. Self-defense, war, criminal justice, these are all committing acts against another human to correct a WRONG by doing something that is usually WRONG. So what you do doesn’t matter unless it’s particularly heinous but WHO you do it to, does matter. Behavior itself is not immoral. Context of the behavior and the perpetrator and victim can make something moral or immoral. If a mom bear kills the wolf threatening its cubs, that mom bear is not immoral. The only person talking sense in this movie, is the man who did the worst crimes possible…and the old mother who’s too weak to just do things herself. A perpetrator who’s a coward. It’s just a bizarre drama for the sake of drama. Sarah, a single mother working as an in-home nurse, confronts a parents worst nightmare when her daughter is abducted and she has to do the unthinkable to find her.

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Release: TV Movie 7 June 2015
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: Tristan Dubois
Stars : Gillian Zinser, Ryan Blakely, Brooklyn Lax

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