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Timber the Treasure DogTimber the Treasure Dog :- Watch Timber the Treasure Dog on Youtube on Fire,Timber is an energetic Alaskan Husky who shows up at the doorstep of MIKEY JONES, a 12 year old boy living with his 16 year old sister, CLAIR and his father, EMMET at their ranch in Montana. Left to Mikey by his grandpa, Timber arrives just in time because this family needs his help and fast! CASPER STONEWALL, the local villain is buying up all the ranches that can’t pay off their deeds to the bank and Emmet’s ranch is one of them. Nobody wants to lose their home but unless they find a small fortune, there’s nothing Emmet can do to stop him. Luckily, Timber holds a key clue to the local legend of a buried treasure that all but Mikey and BILLIE, a 12 year old tomboy girl and Mikey’s best friend, believe to be just a myth. With nobody buying the story of the lost treasure of Cloud Peak, Mikey, Timber, their family bulldog; BARBEQUE, Billie and her pet Golden Lab; KAIA set off on an adventure of a lifetime in an attempt to save their homes! Unfortunately, Stonewall and his two bungling

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Release: 5 January 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 62/100
Director: Ari Novak
Stars : Kix Brooks, Wilford Brimley, J.D. Hoppe

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