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Spider-Man Lives A Miles Morales StorySpider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story :- Watch Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story on Youtube on Fire, When Marvel and Sony reached a deal to share Spider-Man’s rights and fold the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a number of fans were very vocal about their desire to see Miles Morales behind the webbed mask instead of Peter Parker. While that eventually didn’t happen and Tom Holland landed the role of Marvel’s Peter Parker, that hasn’t halted some fans’ desire to see a live-action Miles Morales swing into action. That’s where Bard Tales Productions enters the picture, with their fan film “Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story.” Debuting over at, the film (written and directed by Ivan Kander) adapts the circumstances around the character’s comic debut closely and includes his showdown with Kangaroo. You can check out the film below, which includes a Marvel-style closing credits sequence and, of course, a post-credits stinger.After years of playing an alternate version of Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe, Miles Morales has now officially replaced Peter Parker in the Spider-Man comics, becoming the first black Spider-Man in the official Marvel Comics universe. Well, we do know that Spider-Man will continue to be portrayed as Peter Parker (with a new, younger actor) in the upcoming Marvel film that’s due to be released in 2017. Beyond that, nothing is certain, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Miles Morales toplined Spider-Man movie – at least, likely not until we’re well into the 2020s. But, for now, in the comic book universe, the baton has been passed.

Spider-Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story on YoutubeonFire :-
Short, Action
Release: 11 November 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Director: Ivan Kander
Stars: Francis Abbey, Terence Heffernan, Mike Hydeck

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