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Socialphobia (2015)Socialphobia :- Watch Socialphobia on YoutubeonFire, The Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) returns to Busan with Socialphobia, a new work that is equal parts social drama and murder mystery. Examining the disruptive effect of communication in the digital era within a society where the slightest bit of gossip can take on a life of its own, this debut film showcases Hong Seok-jae’s assiduous combination of genre tropes and subtext. When a young man serving in the military takes his life, an anonymous internet user makes light of his death. A group of youths decide to confront her, first meeting in an internet cafe and then making their way to her home, meanwhile recording the whole process live for all to see. With the door wide open, the group ventures into her home, only to find a corpse hanging from the ceiling. Two of the men, who are studying to enter the police force, suspect foul play and take it upon themselves to discover what really happened. Jumping straight into the dizzying arena of modern digital communication, Socialphobia benefits from a youthful cast that buzzes with a nervous energy within the nebulous sphere of social media. The film’s driving theme, that of the ironic disconnect and cyber bullying suffered by youths in modern Korean society, is a timely one and yet it never quite hits its strides. What makes it work is the tight plotting that deftly draws us into an unexpected murder mystery and the careful balancing act performed between the film’s genre leanings and its clear, if slight, social message.

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Release: 12 March 2015 (South Korea)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Seok-jae Hong
Stars : Yo-han Byeon, Lee Ju-Seung, Yoo-ram Bae

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