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Rough CutRough Cut :- Watch Rough Cut on Youtube on Fire, The Leeds-based director Owen Carey Jones may be Britain’s answer to Ed Wood. Following 2009’s Wiccan-witches debacle The Spell, this cosmically overreaching shambles so ineptly edited that its title appears a conceptual joke is Carey Jones’s idea of a globetrotting caper, tracking knock-off jewels first to a shoddily green-screened New York, then Cannes, where France’s flattest performers mouth ripe dialogue (“Gilles, eet eez a diamond mine, not a chocolate factory!”) and literally walk into the furniture. Thereafter, it’s back to Otley for some wholly woebegone action. The prevailing amateurism is such that when Darren Day shows up for a half-day’s work as a perma-angry copper, it is as though Gielgud himself had entered the frame. In 2010, film artist Jamie Shovlin constructed a fake 1970s horror movie called Hiker Meat out of clips from old films. This documentary follows his attempts to recreate parts of that movie for real which turns out to be far less interesting. One of the problems is that we barely get to see the original were there rights issues? so there’s little idea of what they’re trying to emulate. Peel back the thin layer of conceptualising, and it’s a self-indulgent “making of” for a low-budget movie in the Lake District. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Peter Strickland already made a brilliant homage to 1970s horror film-making, also based around an imaginary horror move, in last year’s Berberian Sound Studio. By comparison, this is rough.

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Action, Crime, Romance
Release: 24 November 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10
Director: Owen Carey Jones
Stars: Stanley J. Browne, Angelique Joan, Matt Gras


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