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QuackerzQuackerz :- Watch Quackerz on Youtube on Fire,On the little island lost in far sunny China the regular life of mandarin ducks in an instant turns into chaos: the flock of the military mallards are making a cruise to Hawaii, by mistake lands on the mandarine’s island. The chief of mallards, Duckmus doesn’t want to reckon with the local traditions, as well the mandarin’s Emperor doesn’t like uninvited guests. The Cold War breaks out between two clans . The heir of the of mandarin’s Emperor, Longway is falling in love with charming Erica, the daughter of the mallards chief and kids don’t care about the war between their dads. While leaders are trying to sort out their relationships, Longway gets into a trouble. Two stupid thieves from the human town, on the instructions of the Old Witch, start to hunt for Longway. It turns out, that Longway is the magic “Sun Duck”, which, according to the legend, is endowed with superhuman abilities, and it allows him to get power from the sun. The Old Witch is ready for any crime for the sake of .Do you like crazy ducks, silly henchmen and a love story? Then the Quackers movie is just ducky for you. The comical, adventures and fun movie is perfect for the whole family. The story is about Mallard military ducks vs. Mandarin ducks. I like the way it all plays out with all the different story lines, characters and all the jokes.The characters in this film are very detailed. They all have different, wonderful voices, which I enjoyed dearly. Robbie Daymond who plays Longway is spectacular. He fits the teenage duck and you can hear the frustration he feels as his desire is to spread his wings and see the world. Andrea Becker who plays Erica is magnificent. She connects with Longway and the two ducks are destined to be together. Enn Reitel who voices Peng Li is hysterical. It is sweet of him to be so protective of his son.Mallard Commander is tough, but he has a soft side and loves his daughter dearly. You can tell that he wants the best for Erica. The story is really about how far fathers will go to protect their children. The voice-over actors are simply amazing and they all have peculiarities that fit their characters and make them sound unique.The animation in this film is amazing. I love that it is so detailed. I like the way they show the town where people live as well as the mountains the ducks call home. All of the cooking scenes with the henchmen have astonishing details.

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Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release: 14 February 2016 (Russia) )
IMDB Rating : 52/100
Director: Viktor Lakisov
Stars : Michael Gross, Jesse Corti, Bruce Nozick

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