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Primal ShiftPrimal Shift :- Watch Primal Shift on YoutubeonFire, Jessica Loren, a rookie police officer on her first assignment, is ordered to take the last shift at a police station before it is permanently closed. Her mother pleads with her not to take the job, as her father, also a police officer, was killed while on duty. After assuring her mother that the shift will be uneventful, she reports for duty. After Loren surprises her commanding officer, Sgt. Cohen demands that she turn around. Apparently satisfied, he leads her on a brief tour, during which he explains that a HAZMAT team will be there shortly to collect evidence that is difficult to dispose of. Under no circumstances is she allowed to leave her post. Before Cohen leaves, he gives her his phone number in case of emergency. Loren becomes bored and falls asleep, though she wakes when she hears knocking. She sees nobody at the door, but when she turns around, a homeless man is standing in the hallway. He pees on the floor and refuses to leave, so Loren takes him to a holding cell. There, she becomes locked in with him when the door suddenly closes and locks behind her. After the lights go out, a bloody-faced person surprises her in the door’s window, and she drops her flashlight. An unidentified person picks it up and taunts her. When the lights come back on, the door opens; nobody else is there. Loren becomes further spooked when chairs rearrange themselves, doors open and close on their own.

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Release: 24 March 2016 (Germany)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Scott A. Matthews
Stars : Stephanie Van Dyck, Jason Beaudoin, Lee Tomaschefski

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