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PrescientPrescient :- Watch Prescient on Youtube on Fire, Theodore Meridian (Michael Piccirilli) sees the future—a very specific future. If the person he locks eyes with is destined to die within 24-hours, he’ll catch a glimpse of their demise. This power has haunted him since childhood and only his Aunt Kay (Bryna Weiss), who raised him after his parents died, knows the effect it’s had. We assume Theodore dealt with it by diverting his eyes in public and desperately trying to forget what he saw because he willfully chose a profession with the potential to stop these visions once and for all. Now a geneticist doing his best to help bring life into the world rather than watch it extinguish, his search continues to find and eradicate this Prescient gene from his DNA. Writer/director Hann-Shi Lem‘s film (co-written by John Hannon) proves a high-concept sci-fi thriller as we meet Theodore coping with his latest vision. It’s of a patient he has successfully artificially inseminated with her late-husband’s sperm to conceive identical twins. The news is happy with thoughts turning to what they can do to ensure the babies don’t meet an early demise like their father when his eyes focus and his words stop. There she is on a pharmacy floor with a bullet wound and blood seeping onto her dress. Theodore doesn’t know what to do. Life arrives only to be taken away in an instant, but he has been given this gift to stop fate. As anyone who enjoys this genre knows, though, fate will not be cheated.

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Release: 13 March 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Hann-Shi Lem
Stars : Michael Piccirilli, Pamelyn Chee, Anthony Bishop

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