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Pregnant at 17 Pregnant at 17 :- Watch Pregnant at 17 on Youtube on Fire,”Pregnant at 17″ was written by Christine Conradt, which is usually a good sign. Though Conradt’s scripts often descend into barely believable melodrama, at least she occasionally gives her characters some complexity and dimension, and her recent directorial debut with the Lifetime movie “The Bride He Met Online,” despite its formulaic and stupid title, was quite engaging. It was directed by one of her frequent collaborators, Curtis James Crawford. 10-year married couple, Jeff (Roark Critchlow) and Sonia (Josie Bissett, top-billed) Clefton, who are veterinarians who co-run an animal clinic and are well off; and about the miscarriage Sonia had 10 years earlier, which has put a chill on the marriage and her demeanor generally. They’re also right about Chelsea Sheridans

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Release:  20 February 2016
IMDB Rating : 61/100
Director: Curtis Crawford
Stars : Josie Bissett, Zoé De Grand Maison, Roark Critchlow

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