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We Are PregnantWe Are Pregnant :- Watch We Are Pregnant on Youtube on Fire,It seems simple: an egg + sperm = one embryo. But if your sperm is “few, vague and abnormal” and your woman is premenopausal at age 37, things start to get complicated. Why is it whenever the frame of ‘older partner, younger partner’ is applied as ‘older FEMALE, younger MALE’ there is NEVER any outrage about rape, perversion, child exploitation, or victimization of the younger partner? Now, it’s being portrayed on film not only as okay but the norm.What is equal about attacking the frame of ‘older partner, younger partner’ when applied as ‘older MALE, younger FEMALE’ ? Why does ONLY this application of a domestic partnership with an age gap greater than 5 years, get attacked? Same sex couples with the gap don’t, and older women with the gap on a younger male don’t. Where is the rights for men? Why does the frame create outrage one way and get applauded the other?We are busy. So much so that sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way of truly living it. This is a fact long-term couple Fran (Paco Leon) and Alina (Alexandra Jimenez) face when they suddenly realize that they are approaching their forties and haven’t yet started a family.Is it already too late? Of course not, their well-meaning friends tell them—You’re still so young! Yet Fran’s half of the equation is problematic—a low sperm count—and the fertility of Alina’s eggs are dropping rapidly. Add a battery of injections, hormones and frozen embryos and you have the recipe for a stew of stress and emotional meltdown for both partners.With this, the follow-up to her Goya-nominated Plans for Tomorrow, director Juana Macias finds an engaging balance between a high-concept movie about trying to conceive and a nuanced chronicling of a woman’s fluid emotions. This is a romantic comedy in which the fallout from a lover’s quarrel yields the uneasy reminder that we are sometimes incapable of seeing what is best for ourselves. Marcias has found a gifted ally in Jimenez, who plays indecision and insecurity with sympathetic grace, and Leon, who radiates a twinkling boyishness that simultaneously attracts and exasperates.What exactly does EQUALITY mean in this century anyway to these ‘social’ justice ‘warriors’? It DOESN’T mean men and women are equals, that much is clear.

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Release: 29 January 2016 (Spain)
IMDB Rating : 56/100
Director: Juana Macías
Stars :  Paco León, Alexandra Jiménez, Alberto Amarilla


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