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OminousOminous :- Watch Ominous on YoutubeonFire, CWhen the Callahans travel to the mountains for a summer getaway, their peaceful plans for the weekend are interrupted by supernatural spirits from the past. Mitch (Joseph Anthony Jette) and Christina (Elizabeth Purdy) deal with their personal demons as the their children, Scott (NIck Wolf), Gavin (Sean Patrick Flaherty) and Sara (Melissa Selinas) uncover the paranormal world that surrounds their family’s vacation home. The family must unite to survive. Ominous, directed by Justin Bergonzoni, is a straight forward, no frills haunted house/ghost story presented in movie-of-the-week fashion. The script by Sharry Flaherty and Ryan Neal McMackin is by the book, full of cliches and a built on well-worn ghost story devices. There’s nothing new to the film. The characters have the usual cinematic family issues and are typical soap opera nonsense or after-school special relationship hum drum dull drums. The make up effects are well done and spooky enough, but little is done to bring the most out of the visuals. The direction doesn’t help; technically, the film stumbles; and, the acting is dismal at best. While the efforts are honest and script never resorts to cheap thrills and always respects the story it wants to tell, the end results it too slow and dull to recommend. Ominous is a bit tough to sit through. Not because of any intense scenes or graphic visuals, but because the acting is so wooden. The two main actors, Joseph Anthony Jette and Elizabeth Purdy as the Callahan parents have little chemistry together.

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Release: TV Movie 10 October 2015
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: Peter Sullivan
Stars : Barry Watson, Esmé Bianco, Gavin Lewis

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