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Old Stone (2016)Old Stone :- Watch Old Stone on Youtube on Fire, A psychological thriller about a taxi driver battling bureaucracy and legal manipulation in China.“Old Stone,” a tough, bitter serving of straight-up naturalism, opens on a street and closes at the edge of the abyss. Between start and finish, it follows the nightmarish ordeals of a Chinese taxi driver, Lao Shi (Chen Gang), who struggles to do the right thing after hitting a motorcyclist. His first mistake is reporting the accident; his second is trying to help the bleeding victim instead of splitting. No good deed goes unpunished in this vision of contemporary China, a dog-eat-dog world in which the strong don’t just consume the weak, they also suck the marrow out of every last bone. The Chinese-Canadian director Johnny Ma, making his featured debut, ably sets the dire scene and agitated mood right from the get-go. Even with some needless narrative zigzagging, the kind that’s turned into an art-film tic, “Old Stone” runs a fast, austere 80 minutes, which doesn’t give you much time or space to worry about Lao Shi or reflect on China’s sociopolitical reality. For the most part, Mr. Ma just pulls you along, keeping you close to Lao Shi with focused storytelling and agitated camerawork, creating a sense of intimacy that can border on the claustrophobic. You’re at first a bystander and, over time, an occasional, reluctant companion.Shortly after the movie opens, Mr. Ma gets down to business on a jammed street scene bordering on the chaotic. A motorcyclist is on the ground bleeding, surrounded by a shouting, surging crowd that — as accusations ring out and fingers thrust and point — appears on the verge of becoming a mob. Lao Shi is the man apart, both visually and existentially: After calling in the accident to the police, he feverishly tries to decide what to do next as the crowd pushes around him and the fallen man. He ends up driving the motorcyclist to the hospital, whereupon he’s hit with one bill after another.

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Release: 30 November 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Director: Johnny Ma
Stars: Gang Chen, Nai An, Hongwei Wang

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