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Mother, May I Sleep With DangerMother, May I Sleep With Danger? :- Watch Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? on Youtube on Fire,A college girl introduces her mother to her girlfriend… who happens to be a vampire. As a Lifetime movie, not least of which a (in title only, as I’m told) remake of a “classic” 90’s Lifetime movie also starring Tori Spelling, this brings the camp but only in small doses. If you also go into it expecting that James Franco directed it you’ll be sadly mistaken – he wrote the “Television Story” though not the script, is an exec producer along with original star Spelling who appears here too and has an extended cameo as the director of the Macbeth in the movie – and of all things I now wish that Franco had directed it.Maybe he knew this material was beneath him in some way, despite wanting to dip his toes into the world of teenage seduction and violence and other nefarious things (just as he dipped his toes ever so much like a spaz in General Hospital). What he gives us here is not some story of an abusive relationship, at least not at the core. It starts with a young woman, Pearl, being turned into a vampire and killing her maker, though she is now joined with three other goth-vampire ladies looking like rejects from The Craft (a movie this wishes it could be by the way).Then cut to five years later (for… reasons?) and Leila George (Leah) is a college student who loves the first Twilight book (but not those awful sequels, heavens no!) and tries out and gets the lead as Macbeth (because #Feminism). She meets Pearl – a photographer who “lives her life in the lab” – and the two fall in love… but then the vampire stuff comes to life – will she or won’t she turn her new love – and things unravel from there. And story wise it’s not so much a question from daughter to mother as it is a “Mom, get out of my life, I’m Lesbians with this girl! Sheesh, didn’t you see the hashtag with feminism?” But mother knows best, right? There’s a lot of weak story stuff here, and the worst part is that the director – who at first until I looked up the info I was sure was Franco under a pseudonym, but alas Aitkenhead has other credits – things she’s making something cutting edge and spiky.

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Release: 18 June 2016
IMDB Rating : 43/100
Director: Melanie Aitkenhead
Stars : James Franco, Tori Spelling, Emily Meade

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