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Meathook MassacreMeathook Massacre :- Watch Meathook Massacre on Youtube on Fire, An interesting thing happened recently, when I was in attendance at a 35mm screening of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The print was in remarkably good shape (this is one of those movies where 35mm prints tend to be a bit beat up and/or faded), with one exception the scene where Pam was hanging on the meat hook and Leatherface grabbed his chainsaw to finish off Kirk noticeably cut short and went to the next scene. This isn’t uncommon with old prints, and it was on a reel change which often has issues even on newer films, but what I found rather charming was how myself and two pals all had different estimates of how much was missing. All of us had seen the film several times, but I was certain only about 10 seconds were missing, whereas one friend thought it was much less, and our other friend was certain it was more like 30 seconds. It turns out Friend #2 was right, but it was a rare firsthand account of how this horror movie in particular plays tricks on your mind, so you’re not sure what you saw or what you DIDN’T see. It SEEMED like something was missing, but were we just projecting what our imaginations had conjured up? And if so, how much? Psycho and its shower scene is probably the most famous example, as folks are SURE they see the knife penetrating Janet Leigh (it never does), but Chain Saw provides its fair share of such moments.

Meathook Massacre on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 2015
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10
Director: Dustin Ferguson
Stars: Breana Mitchell, Vanessa Smith, Justice Strong

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