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Maigret Sets a TrapMaigret Sets a Trap :- Watch Maigret Sets a Trap on Youtube on Fire,Over a five month period in 1955 four women are stabbed to death in Montmartre after dark, a prostitute and a midwife among them – women with nothing in common beyond being brunette. Justice minister Morel leans on chief Inspector Maigret to catch the murderer and Maigret sets a trap, using policewoman Marthe Jusserard as a decoy. She survives an attack, sartorial evidence leading to married mother’s boy Marcel Moncin, whom Maigret arrests. However whilst Moncin is in custody there is a further murder and Maigret looks to Moncin’s family to help solve the murders.This Maigret novel (MAIGRET TEND UN PIÈGE) has been filmed various times previously (such as with Michael Gambon as Maigret in 1992), and may have seemed a sound choice for a brief series of new feature length adaptations for ITV. But it is a tricky one to adapt, because it starts so slowly and most of the excitement is in the second half. The main attraction of this effort was doubtless everybody’s curiosity as to whether Rowan Atkinson, so famous as a brilliant comedian, could possibly pull off a feature-length straight leading role in anything, much less a famous character like Maigret who requires gravitas. The good news for Atkinson is that he proved he can be serious for two hours and is an accomplished straight actor if given the opportunity. In order to try not to be funny, it is possible that he occasionally was a bit too gloomy and morose in some of the scenes. But never mind. He did not disgrace himself, and that is what matters.

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Release: 28 March 2016
IMDB Rating : 76/100
Director: Ashley Pearce
Stars : Rowan Atkinson, Leo Staar, Shaun Dingwall

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