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Magical GirlMagical Girl :- Watch Magical Girl on Youtube on Fire, Don’t go looking for relatable human behavior in “Magical Girl.” There is none to be found, which is both an asset and a weakness of Spanish director Carlos Vermut’s sophomore feature an elaborately contrived, imagination-dependent dark comedy that operates through sleight of hand, misleading auds into following a preteen leukemia patient’s dying wish while it assembles another, far more sinister secondary narrative deep in its viewers’ collective subconscious. Certainly not for everyone, this deliberately “wrong” cult offering (which won prizes for best film and director at San Sebastian) should entice outre arthouse distribs capable of marketing to “Dogtooth” admirers and/or those who can stomach the unsettling “Zed’s dead” detour from “Pulp Fiction.”

Magical Girl on YoutubeonFire :-
Drama, Thriller
Release: 2015-06-15
IMDB Rating : 73/100
Director: Carlos Vermut
Stars : Marina Andruix, Julio Arrojo, Luis Bermejo

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