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Looking for Love (2015)Looking for Love :- Watch Looking for Love on YoutubeonFire, If you cut out all the sex scenes in Gaspar Noe’s Love, what’s left is a wistful, some might say sappy, story about heartbreak — made with impressive cinematic elan but somewhat shallow emotional depth despite all its tragic posturing. Like Noe’s previous effort, Irreversible, it tells its story out of chronological order, but if a hypothetical editor were to shuffle the scenes around, you could easily get a straight-up boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-pairs-up-with-a-second-girl-he-doesn’t much-love-and-feels-sad-about-losing-the-first-girl narrative arc. (The characters are played, respectively, by Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin.) Indeed, by Noe’s standards, especially compared to his last Enter the Void, Love is pretty innocuous, hardly shocking at all. This may seem like a surprising thing to say about a movie that features a tight close-up of a penis ejaculating into 3-D space at its audience. Granted, shock is a very relative notion. Obviously, there must be millions of people out there who have no idea who Noe is, who are entirely unaware of his reputation as Cannes’ current enfant terrible in residence now that Lars Von Trier is presumably still banned from the festival for making jokes about sympathizing with Hitler. That vast swath of Noe-virgins out there might be scandalized that a film could contain quite so many artfully designed shots of people copulating — usually in pairs, but also threesomes, foursomes and more-somes, comprising roughly fifty per cent of the running time — and yet still be considered anything other than out-and-out pornography.

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Release: 21 August 2015
IMDB Rating : 3.5/10
Director: Menelik Shabazz
Stars : Andi Osho, Eddie Kadi, Kojo

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