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Killing MommyKilling Mommy :- Watch Killing Mommy on Youtube on Fire,When their mother announces her plans to remarry and sell the family estate, twin sisters Juliana and Deb have different reactions to the news. Juliana feels her mother will continue to support her, while Deb begins to threaten her mother’s happiness to the point of threatening her life. The daughters are Juliana (Yvonne Zima), who wears her hair long and colors it auburn (mom is blonde) and is a wanna-be fashionista who’s tearing through the family fortune left behind by her self-made father while ostensibly studying to be a fashion designer; and Deborah — usually called “Deb” and also played by Yvonne Zima — who has black hair that makes her look like she’s auditioning to play Patti Smith in a biopic and generally wears a black leather jacket, a black T-shirt hailing the joys of LSD, and black jeans. She’s also got a ring piercing on her lower lip. (Cinthia Burke and her associates in the makeup department deserve kudos for making the two Zimas look similar when they’re supposed to and dramatically different when they’re supposed to.) None of these women come off as sympathetic characters — mom seems like a controlling bitch, Juliana a spoiled one and Deb someone who’s going out of her way to rebel by drinking, picking up sleazy guys at a dive bar, and giving herself points for being “clean” because at least she isn’t doing “hard drugs” anymore. Mom’s boyfriend Winston doesn’t come off any better; he’s obviously a gold-digger who’s just after Eve for her money, which he’s already lost $100,000 of in a bad stock deal, which hasn’t stopped him from pestering her for control over the rest of the fortune. Given the title, the main suspense early on is over which sister is going to kill mom, or try to, for her money — Juliana, Deb or both of them in combination.

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Release: 11 June 2016
IMDB Rating : 61/100
Director: Curtis Crawford, Anthony Lefresne
Stars : Yvonne Zima, Claire Rankin, Garrett Hnatiuk

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