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JoshyJoshy :- Watch Joshy on Youtube on Fire,After his engagement suddenly ends, Joshy and a few his friends decide to take advantage of what was supposed to be his bachelor party in Ojai, California. In their attempt to help Joshy deal with the recent turn of events, the guys turn the getaway into a raucous weekend filled with drugs, booze, debauchery, and hot tubs. Written and directed by Jeff Baena and featuring an ensemble cast of hilarious comedic talents-including Thomas Middleditch (HBO’s “Silicon Valley”), Adam Pally (TV’s “Happy Endings”), Alex Ross Perry (director of Queen of Earth), Nick Kroll (TV’s “The League”), Brett Gelman (TV’s “Married”) and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child) -Jeff Baena’s sophomore feature is a wickedly amusing portrayal of male bonding and emotional incompetence. The brief summary given about this story creates a different idea in ones head than what the movie actually delivers. And what the movie offers is a story of four complex guys that have come together to help Joshy get past his depression over the death of his fiancé. And as the weekend of trying to have fun evolves we learn that Joshy is just one of the guys having his own problem. Each one must deal with his own emotional self and girlfriend relationship disappointments.Joshy must deal with the death of his girlfriend, Ari questions his marriage, Alex gets dumped by his girlfriend of ten years, Eric has commitment issues, and Greg can’t seem to find a girlfriend. Each character keeps his feelings bottled up except Alex who tries to rationalize his feelings and is willing to talk to anyone who will listen.The term ‘male bonding’ has been used to describe this movie but I believe it has nothing to do with bonding. Four of the five are close friends from the start and Greg was the ‘guy who came along for the fun’. The story is actually about trying to avoid the issues at hand through booze, drugs, and strippers! Then near the end the five are forced by circumstance to come to terms with themselves and deal with life as best as one can.

Joshy on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 12 August 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
Director: Jeff Baena
Stars: Thomas Middleditch, Adam Pally, Alex Ross Perry

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