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John Wick (2014)

John Wick (2014)

John Wick :- Watch John Wick on YoutubeonFire, Remember when Live Free or Die Hard came out and people were upset that John McClane only fired pistols throughout the entire movie? I like a little versatility when it comes to action heroes, and evidently so do the writers. John Wick wrecks face with pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, knives, even mano-a-mano; the man can do anything. The difference between John Wick and other modern action movies (Die Hard 5 and Taken 3 for instance) is that you actually believe John Wick is killable. He’s not some invincible superhero like Bruce Willis was in Die Hard 5, having his car crash and flip like a hundred times and the second it stops he gets out without a scratch and starts running. No, John Wick takes a beating in this film. Numerous times in fact. But most of the time he’s kicking ass and taking names, and instead of acting as some unstoppable killing machine, he just seems like a guy who’s an expert in his field. He used to be a hit-man after all.

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Release: 2014-10-24
IMDB Rating : 77/100
Action, Thriller
Stars : Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen

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