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The InterestingsThe Interestings :- Watch The Interestings on Youtube on Fire,A group of teenagers meet at an arts camp and become life-long friends.This show just spoke to me on so many levels. It was the camp life I never had, the tight knit group I never really found in high school, the heady hubris filled conversations I longed to have but didn’t. I eventually found a similar group in a different manner but SO recognized the archetypes and identified in such a profound way..with the hope, the sense of nostalgia, the sense of envy and the inevitable sense of loss….the gorgeous, nut somewhat melancholy pilot had more lows than highs but am supposing this will vary week to week as life does. most importantly it all felt grounded and Emotionally resonant. Great directing. Great acting. A class act. And the kind of show I have been missing for a while. Where have Ellen the great emotionally fraught but realistic dramas gone? I hope to Amazon!!In the year 2016, it’s no secret that as glamorous as old Hollywood seemed on the surface, the truth was far less wholesome. With that in mind, “The Last Tycoon,” written and directed by Billy Ray (the under-appreciated talent behind such films as “Shattered Glass,” adapting a famously unfinished roman a clef by F. Scott Fitzgerald) might seem a bit rote, but it’s got an awful lot going for it.Matt Bomer stars as Monroe Stahr, the idealistic production head of a motion picture studio who’s at odds with studio boss Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammer) while trying to get his dream picture made in the political and social climate of the 1930s. (Why yes, the subject of what’s happening in Germany does come up.) Monroe, we learn right away, is mourning the loss of his movie star wife even as he bounds around the studio, supervising every detail with seemingly limitless energy and passion. But his Don Draper-esque flair is matched by an idealism about “the picture business” which hints at a show that’s interested in pushing beyond typical antihero tropes.

The Interestings on YoutubeonFire :-
Comedy, Drama
Release: 17 June 2016
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10
Director: Mike Newell
Stars: Lauren Ambrose, Katie Balen, Matt Barr

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