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Herbie Rides Again (1974)Herbie Rides Again :- Watch Herbie Rides Again on Youtube on Fire, The living Volkswagen Beetle helps an old lady protect her home from a corrupt developer.Alonzo Hawk is a mean-spirited property developer who has bought several blocks of land in the downtown district in order to build a gigantic shopping mall. There is one problem however; an elderly widow named Steinmetz won’t sell the one remaining lot that Hawk needs to proceed with his scheme. So he resorts to all manner of chicanery, legal or otherwise, to get it. Fortunately, the widow Steinmetz has an ace up her sleeve in the form of Herbie, the miraculous Volkswagen. Another of my favorite movies from childhood, I classify this movie as being as good as the original for a number of reasons. Lines, this movie has a lot of funny lines and good actors. I can still today go back and look at the film and laugh at some of the scenes and lines in this film. Another good thing in this film is footage. Herbie is literally everywhere in this film. Yes it gets a bit corny at times but its not so corny as to be unwatchable. The film has aged and it really does show its era, but that doesn’t detract from it’s enjoyability factor. This is a good family movie even if it does have a few scenes that boarder on pg. Willoughby Whitfield comes to work for his uncle Alonzo Hawk in a development company. His first job is to force the owner of an old fire station to shift off land earmarked for development. However Willoughby makes friends with the owners, including their eccentric car Herbie, and finds out about his Uncle’s dirty tricks to move the residents on and joins with them to stop his uncle. This is a late Herbie movie – but really his appeal never goes away (they just remade The Love Bug). However here much has changed since his original appearance. Here the story doesn’t involve him that much until the last half – up till then it could easily be any movie, and his scenes feel forced into the plot. That’s not to say it’s not good – but the story isn’t as interesting as his race-car incarnation. There are some funny bits, like the dream sequence of Mr Hawk, but even the silly stuff that has Herbie driving up suspension bridges will please kids!

Herbie Rides Again on YoutubeonFire :-
Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Release: 6 June 1974 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Robert Stevenson
Stars: Helen Hayes, Ken Berry, Stefanie Powers

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