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Under The GunUnder The Gun :- Watch Under The Gun on Youtube on Fire,A drastic rise in mass shootings has ripped across the US in recent years. Despite a growing body count and the chorus of outrage that comes with it, America has failed to respond. The film explores why this is and how the firearms industry’s lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, has developed a stranglehold on the politics of the issue. Searing and powerful, Under the Gun ultimately gives a human face to a crisis that is scarring the conscience of a nation. The statement that buying firearms in a private party sale across borders is legal, is a lie. Federal law prohibits anyone, except Federal Firearms License holders, from selling to a person from another state, and even FFL dealers are limited to long guns. Another Federal felony confessed to, committed 4 times, is the straw purchase, buying the guns for someone else. All parties involved could be going to prison,This is typical Liberal BS blaming guns for the actions of the mentally ill. Learn how to identify the problem before you take action to fix a problem and maybe you will understand where to step first. Katie Couric is no longer relevant to society so this is her way of keeping her Liberal name in the public eye? Unfortunately – she and her rhetoric do not fit into the Bill of Rights here in America and making guns illegal allows only criminals to have guns. You will be lucky if a cop with a gun saves your life some day but if you have your own gun and are properly trained to use it your chance of survival will increase greatly.It was discovered that there was a pause edited into the movie following pro-gun enthusiasts being asked a question on background checks. The producers claimed it was for “dramatic effect” but in reality the pro-gun enthusiasts responded almost immediately. This led many to question the film and Katie Couric’s integrity.

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Release: 13 May 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 49/100
Director: Stephanie Soechtig
Stars : Katie Couric, Ted Cruz

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