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FreshwaterFreshwater :- Watch Freshwater on Youtube on Fire,A new take on the classic story of a group of twenty-something kids’ weekend of terror at the lake house. Lake Charles in Louisiana is the idyllic spot to catch some sun and enjoy the tranquil miles of freshwater. When a group of 20-somethings meet up at their island lake house for a weekend of partying, one of the friends never shows up. As more lake visitors are yanked underwater by what seems to be some giant alligators, the screams bring the group out of the lake house. Frantically discovering their boat has drifted away, they have to watch helplessly as more of their friends are pulled under the water. Will anyone get off the island alive, in one piece? Something more sinister seems to be at play.Famed stunt-woman Zoe Bell and former Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman actor Joe Lando are among the movie’s cast members. I have to say that Zoe does bare a striking resemblance to the heroic western doctor that I watched when I was a super young snot. I really like it for the the wild huntsman she was dating at the time and, more cool than that, was how she could hold her own in any situation.The film’s shooting locations are downtown Helena, Lake Tuscaloosa and some other central Alabama locations. It seems that small-budget movies fare well in small-town location where there are treated like A-list royalty. Hey, who wouldn’t like that kinda treatment? The production started back in May and is finishing up this Fall.

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Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Release: 26 February 2016 (Taiwan)
IMDB Rating :36/100
Director: Brandeis Berry
Stars : Joe Lando, Zoë Bell, Alison Haislip

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