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FlorideFloride :- Watch Floride on Youtube on Fire, Whereas Alexander Payne paid tribute to his personal corner of the American expanse in “Nebraska,” this film offers no such geographical connection for Gallic director Philippe Le Guay (“The Women on the 6th Floor”): “Floride” spends a grand total of maybe five minutes in Miami, and the rest in southern France, where retired paper-factory manager Claude Lherminier (Rochefort) seems to be slipping farther into his own fantasies with each passing day. More than a physical location, Florida represents a state of mind for the fading old man, whose youngest daughter left France for the Sunshine State some 15 years earlier. That leaves the considerable challenge of handling Claude’s various eccentricities which mostly involve harassing a succession of exasperated housekeepers to his older daughter, Carole (Sandrine Kiberlain), who already has her hands full running the family business. For nearly half its overlong running time, the film plays it coy about the seriousness of Claude’s condition, privileging his point of view with brief flashbacks and subtly skewed fantasy sequences without letting on that these interruptions are indicative of his mental deterioration. Claude sincerely believes that he’s physically and mentally fit enough to get by on his own, and the movie supports his position (at least at first) by showing him pulling clever stunts, such as knocking over furniture and pretending to have fallen, in order to get his caregiver fired. But Le Guay’s script (co-written with Jerome Tonnere) gradually undermines Claude’s sense of independence, revealing how he often forgets things.

Floride on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 12 August 2015 (France)
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Director: Philippe Le Guay
Stars: Jean Rochefort, Sandrine Kiberlain, Laurent Lucas

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