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Every Family Has ProblemsEvery Family Has Problems :- Watch Every Family Has Problems on Youtube on Fire, The film starts in modern-day Pakistan. An unnamed youth (Varun Sharma) is having problems with his girlfriend after she agrees to a match with a foreigner. The youth has secretly sold his father’s scooter so that he could buy a gift for his girlfriend. He is invited to his friend’s house, where a guest from India, Angrej, has come to his pre-partition home. Angrej originally starts a conversation with the boys about pre-partition India. When partition broke out, Aslam Cheema, his Muslim best friend, dropped Angrej’s family to Amritsar while Aslam’s family took over their house and property, where they are currently sitting. The youth, however, is in a bad mood and complaining about his girl problems and how his scooter was “stolen.” Angrej immediately tells that the youth sold his scooter, so that he can buy a girlfriend a gift. When the boys ask how he was able to find out, Angrej begins his love story. In 1945, Angrej, (Amrinder Gill) known as Geja to his family, is a hardworking young man. In his aunt’s village, a man that looked at a girl was shot in his thighs and groin by the girls father. He has a fight with his father about going to his paternal aunt’s village for a carnival with Aslam (Binnu Dhillon), when his grandpa shows up and scolds his father, allowing Geja to go to the carnival. At the carnival, he falls in love with a girl named Maarho (Aditi Sharma), for whom he buys sweets and almost buys jewellery for.

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Release: 11 November 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: Emmbre Perry
Stars : Chuckee, Thomas Mikal Ford, Emmbre Perry

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