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Ernest Rides Again (1993)Ernest Rides Again :- Watch Ernest Rides Again on Youtube on Fire,Ernest P. Worrell becomes a new adventurer along with his History Professor partner, Abner Melon. Once they team up together, they discover a really huge existing historical cannon and the crown jewels hidden near the jungle. Ernest must save the jewels especially, before a lousy mob keeps it. This was probably one of the better “Ernest” movies in that it moves fast which means it’s pretty entertaining without being too stupid, as some of Jim Varney movies were. However, even this you can except a lot of “stupid” but some of that is part of Varney’s charm as the lovable “Ernest P. Worrell,” a man he made famous first with TV commercials and then with a handful of inane-but- Innocent comedies. This 100-minute film would have much better chopped to 80 or 85 because there are some legitimate laugh-out-loud scenes. Varney does a lot of impressions, some of which are very good. The two nerdy salesmen in here are also funny. As with all the “Ernest” films, there is nothing really offensive in here. Today, this could almost be rated “G.” “Ernest Rides Again” is yet another great installment of the “Ernest” movie franchise. With this film, the plot is much more solid, and more serious than the plots of past “Ernest” films, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a funny movie. The movie is funny, and enjoyable. Jim Varney once again does a great job as lovable knuckle head Ernest P. Worrell, and Ernest’s sidekick Abner is OK. The movie overall is excellent, so if you’re a die-hard “Ernest” fan, and haven’t seen this installment yet, then check this out, and be impressed. The Ernest films are pretty much all the same: amiable, clunky, dumb, with an inspired moment every half hour or so. This is the exception. Same writers, same production company, but for some reason they decided to forget about plausibility and go straight for surrealism — and the result is one of the funniest movies ever made.

Ernest Rides Again on YoutubeonFire :-
Family, Comedy
Release: 12 November 1993 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10
Director: John R. Cherry III
Stars: Jim Varney, Ron James, Tom Butler

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