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Dusk (2015)Dusk :- Watch Dusk on Youtube on Fire, Now I have seen this film listed under three different names, “The Forgotten Ones”, “The Tribe”, but the one I viewed had the title screen “After Dusk They Come”. Which I happen to think is the better of the titles though it didn’t particularly fit well with the movie I viewed. It wasn’t a bad film, low budget all the way, but fans of “The Twilight Saga” (which I am not) may take note since series regular Kellan Lutz stars along with Jewel Staite, so fans of “Firefly/Serenity” (which I am a HUGE fan of) will want to catch this one. Liz (Jewel Staite) and Peter (Justin Baldoni) along with their friends Jake (Kellan Lutz), Lauren (Nikki Griffin), and Ira (Marc Bacher) have embarked on a boat trip to an exotic locale to meet their friend Mo for a fun filled weekend. The boat’s GPS system seems to have malfunctioned and the boat end up sinking and our crew ends up stranded on an island where something in the jungle is watching them. Stranded, they must work together to find a way off the island, only whatever it is that lurks in the jungle, is making it difficult for them to survive. The problem with “After Dusk” is the complete lack of character development. We learn a little about Liz and Peter’s relationship. That he had been unfaithful and they are trying to work through their problems. Not much else is learned. There seems to be a history between Jake and Lauren.

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Release: 25 March 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Drama, Thriller
Director: Michael Maney
Stars : John McGlothlin, Ford D’Aprix, Juliana Harkavy

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