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DownshiftDownshift :- Watch Downshift on YoutubeonFire, Since IMDb did it’s major “upgrade” I haven’t been able to watch any trailers on IMDb. IMDb is broken and that’s a shame because it worked really well before some idiot thought it was a “good idea” to “update” the site. This idiot should be fired and actually fined for the horrific mess they made of this once great site. I think fired and fined may still be far too lenient. You sir or madame, destroyed an icon of the internet that many people rely on. I hope you never have a day of peace for the rest of your unworthy life and hope this horrible mistake follows you to the grave. This sentence should complete the required 10 lines of text demanded by a broken site.

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Release: 9 October 2014
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Action, Drama
Director: Ryan Schmitz
Stars : Phillip Andry, Jeremy C. Russell, Geri-Nikole Love

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