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Deep Web (2015)Deep Web :- Watch Deep Web on YoutubeonFire, Equal parts eye-opening backgrounder, cautionary chronicle and impassioned plea for the defense, “Deep Web” begins as an illuminating overview of the Internet’s non-indexed digital substratum, then narrows its focus to recount the arrest, prosecution and conviction of Ross Ulbricht, alleged originator and supervisor of the notorious Silk Road online bazaar. Even after touring several fests and airing on the Epix cable network, this latest cyber-centric effort by actor-turned-documentarian Alex Winter (“Downloaded”) could attract audiences in limited theatrical and noncommercial release, especially after the May 29 issuing of a life sentence for Ulbricht in a Manhattan federal court. Winter shrewdly begins his slickly produced movie with a primer for those who tuned in late, explaining how groups ranging from banks and government personnel to cyberpunks and hacktivists operate undetected on the deep web, that vast area of the internet where search engines never roam. Various interviewees — including journalist Andy Greenberg, whose reportage more or less inspired “Deep Web,” and Cody Wilson, the crypto-anarchist who has helped enable the dissemination of guns through 3D printers — speak of the need for a surveillance-free zone where ideas and merchandise can be exchanged in unfettered fashion. “The fascists have the resources,” claims one enthusiastic cyber-libertarian. “But we have imagination … to take back our sovereignty.” Still, even the most devoutly government-suspicious libertarians might be rattled by, say, the 3D printing of guns, or the online marketing of heroin, LSD and other illicit drugs (in some cases, to minors).

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Release: 21 November 2015 (Norway)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Alex Winter
Stars: Nicolas Christin, Cindy Cohn, Joshua L. Dratel

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