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Crush the Skull (2015)Crush the Skull :- Watch Crush the Skull on Youtube on Fire, Winner of the inaugural “Nightfall Award” at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival —an accolade bestowed upon the festival’s best horror or “midnight” film— Viet Nguyen’s feature directorial debut “Crush The Skull,” is a hilarious, thrilling hybrid of a heist film and a gory, old-school slasher flick. The screenplay, written by Nguyen and one of the film’s stars Christopher Dinh, skillfully balances comedic moments with frightening, unexpected twists and turns. Nguyen’s direction also adeptly brings many of funny and fear-inducing scenes to life, an effect no doubt bolstered by the excellent performances of a stellar cast that includes Dinh, Tim Chiou, Katie Savoy, Chris Riedell, Lauren Reeder, Walter Michael Bost, Leonard Wu, Jerry Ying and Lincoln Hoppe, in a film reminiscent of other comedy-horror hybrids such as Eli Craig’s “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” or Drew Goddard’s “The Cabin in The Woods.” The film follows Ollie (Dinh) and Blair (Savoy), a couple moonlighting as professional thieves specializing in the ransacking of upper class homes while dressed as house painters. During a supposed “last job,” Ollie decides to save someone in a cheating spouse situation —which unexpectedly ends up landing him in jail. Forced to do something desperate against her better wishes, Blair reaches out to a shady criminal underlord named Timmy Song to bail Ollie out through a pair of his henchmen, Koji Miller (Wu) and Yoji Miller (Ying), resulting in her suddenly being saddled with a debilitating debt. To pay it off, the pair team up with Blair’s brother.

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Release: 11 June 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Director: Viet Nguyen
Stars : Walter Michael Bost, Tim Chiou, Chris Dinh

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