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CaminoCamino :- Watch Camino on Youtube on Fire, As if her first teaming with director Josh C. Waller on his 2013 debut feature, “Raze” involving a sort of lethal female fight club weren’t punishing enough, Zoe Bell gets pummeled (and occasionally shot) throughout most of “Camino.” This thriller abandons that earlier pic’s featureless underground interiors for dense jungle terrain, but otherwise similarly trades in violent action as our photojournalist heroine flees the anti-government freedom fighters who’ve turned on her. Set in 1985 Colombia, “Camino” is a competent but unmemorable B-movie that eschews any real political content in favor of simple, brutal survival melodrama with scant room for surprises in plot, character or directorial style. Bowing on VOD and iTunes March 8, just days after a limited theatrical launch, this resourceful low-budgeter should do well enough as a streaming item in various markets. Having just won a photojournalist-of-the-year award for her coverage of war zones, Avery Taggert (Bell) is too cynical and surly to enjoy the moment, instead letting editor Donald (Kevin Pollak) pack her off immediately to another far-flung, potentially dangerous assignment.
His few followers range from idealistic, like Sebastian (Jason Canela), to borderline psychotic, like the trigger-happy Alejo (Tenoch Huerta). But the “mission” itself seems well intentioned until one night, when Avery happens to spy Guillermo conducting a secret transaction that casts great doubt on his personal motives. Worse, there’s another witness an innocent village child whose immediate demise Avery captures on film.

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Action, Adventure, Thriller
Release: 4 March 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10
Director: Josh C. Waller
Stars: Zoë Bell, Nacho Vigalondo, Francisco Barreiro

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