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Breaking the BankBreaking the Bank :- Watch Breaking the Bank  on Youtube on Fire,With ruthless US and Japanese investment banks circling Tuftons, a struggling two-hundred-year-old, family-run British bank, can its bumbling, incompetent chairman, Sir Charles Bunbury, fend off the onslaught and save the bank? I saw a private preview of this film with some friends. In my opinion we all thought this was one of the worst films we’d ever seen ! Kelsey Grammar, what possessed you, with all your millions and your outstanding comic performances in Frasier to appear in this Z film ? Beyond me ! We had to stay until the end of the film as obviously as an invited audience one could not leave, when the credits came up I looked round and my friend was already at the exit ! When I saw the plug for this film on The Graham Norton Show that this film had actually been released I was in shock ! A vague memory of the plot escapes me, the main thing was watching Kelsy Grammar in a really cringeworthy film.Our core business is of course, making money,” says Grammar, as he kicks of the trailer as British banker Sir Charles Bunbury.With no banking qualifications, and US and Japanese investment banks encircling Bunbury’s Tuftons bank, the bumbling chairman has to fend off the onslaught and save the bank.But when Horne’s Nick tips him off to buy shares in gas, Bunbury buys 200 million shares, only for a gas explosion the size of two nuclear blasts to make them absolutely worthless.
“Congratulations Charles, you’ve broken the bank,” Nick says cynically.
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Release: 3 June 2016 (UK)
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10
Director: Vadim Jean
Stars: Kelsey Grammer, Tamsin Greig, John Michael Higgins

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