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Bakuman. (2015)Bakuman On :- Watch Bakuman On on Youtube on Fire, The story follows two high school boys, Mashiro Moritaka aka Saiko (Satoh Takeru), and Takagi Akito aka Shujin (Kamiki Ryunosuke). One day, Shujin sees Saiko’s notebook of doodles. Shujin is so impressed by Saiko’s drawings that he tries to convince him to create a manga together. Saiko refuses and tries to walk away, but Shujin pursues him until they run into Azuki Miho (Komatsu Nana), Saiko’s crush. Knowing Miho’s dream is to become a voice actress, Shujin tells her that he and Saiko are aspiring to be manga artists. He also says that if their work would be adapted into a manga, it would be perfect if Miho was chosen to voice the heroine. Saiko, overcome with emotions, blurts out that if they become successful as manga artists, if Miho would marry him. A flustered Miho confesses that she has a crush on Saiko as well, and that she will be waiting for him as everyone works hard to make their dreams come true. Saiko is more than motivated to join Shujin. They arrange so that Saiko does the drawings and Shujin writes the story. They work hard so that they catch the attention of Shueisha, the publishers of the renowned Jump magazine. But first, they must win over the approval of Hattori (Yamada Takayuki), one of the editors, and then aim to win the prestigious Tezuka Award.

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Release: 3 October 2015 (Japan)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Hitoshi Ohne
Stars : Takeru Satô, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Nana Komatsu

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