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Adventures Of Petey And FriendsAdventures Of Petey And Friends :- Watch Adventures Of Petey And Friends on Youtube on Fire,Desert Sky Air Force Base is instructed to carry out an urgent mission. Petey, a new fighter plane, arrives by forced landing. Petey is determined to carry out the most important task by himself and rescue his best friend.The one-note plot barely makes sense. The dialogue is dubbed by English-speaking actors intoning hilariously robotic, non-idiomatic English, using constant, seemingly inadvertent repetition as a substitute for making characters’ actions comprehensible. Kiley tells both Petey and his rival Larry that they are each “the best in our base.” Grown-ups may think this sounds a little like a parody of a bad translation from Chinese. “He is not even a member of our base,” a senior plane cautions when speaking of Petey. “But we can make him a member of us,” Kiley replies to him. “General, you’re great! You are so great!” And then, “Petey, you are great! I know you can surely make it!” And, “Our base is awarded a first-class award!” The script goes on and on obliviously in that vein. Perhaps this is best suited to preschoolers who are used to the kind of repetition, which helps them learn language. Everyone else should steer clear.

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Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release: 1 January 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 31/100
Director: Lucas Qiao
Stars : Qian Feng, James Larabee, Cutter Ray Palacios

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