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About Scout (2015)About Scout :- Watch About Scout on YoutubeonFire, In the time it takes three boys to pitch their tents and make s’mores, their hometown is ravaged by a sudden outbreak of zombieism, with the unaffected populace evacuated to quarantine zones. That process takes substantially longer in Fear the Walking Dead, but then FTWD hopes to be taken seriously, a concern not afflicting Landon and company: When the boys make their way back to their zombie-ravaged homes, the monsters they face are little more frightening than the prospect of wearing knee-shorts and merit badges to a party full of hot 18-year-old girls and their douchebag beaus. That’s what the scouts wind up doing eventually, attempting to rescue the popular kids who’ve shunned them from the flesh-eating horde invading their secret party. But before the picture gets around to the violent “be prepared” payoff of its slim scouts-vs-zombies premise, it drags its knuckles through a strip club, a cat lady’s living room, and the home of a Dolly Parton obsessive whose stereo is conveniently cued up to play “9 to 5” while carnage unfolds. That workplace-drudgery anthem is appropriate here in ways the filmmakers surely don’t intend. Or maybe they do? When costumers chose the undersized tank top for the strip-club waitress who teams up with the boys; when the makeup crew applied corpselike veins to the undead breasts Carter will grope; when Landon instructed a young actress to watch a reality-TV show on her phone while awaiting cunnilingus in order to sell a particularly hard-to-buy zombie gag.

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Release: 11 March 2016 (USA)
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Drama, Family
Director: Laurie Weltz

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