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A Gift of Miracles (2015)In A Gift Miracles:- writer Bart Fisher does a solid job incorporating some wise insights on how to live life into a well-crafted teleplay with some good twists and interesting, likable characters. Among the practical thoughts on life put forth in Fisher’s script are: If you express what you love with passion others will follow; Sometimes the most beautiful flowers will take extra time to bloom; It’s important to face that fear that is keeping you from your true path; Perseverance in the face of discouragement is important in reaching positive goals; Left-brained (organized and logical) and right-brained (intuitive and creative) people balance each other; Don’t cling to anger — toward others or yourself; Giving and accepting forgiveness frees all of us. While A Gift of Miracles may be a bit New Age-y for some — with God going by aliases like The Universe or Life — the ideas expressed, I think, mesh will with traditional faith values. Add to that engaging performances by Rachel Boston (as PhD student Darcy Miller), Jesse Moss (as Nathan, her writing mentor), Andrew Airlee (as Darcy’s father) and Rita Moreno (in a key role as a woman whose story intertwines with Darcy’s in a surprising way) and you have a pretty decent way to spend a couple of hours unwinding on a Sunday night. Darcy finds a list of belongings her mother had intended to give to close friends and family, and sets out to fulfill those wishes.

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Release: TV Movie 15 February 2015
IMDB Rating : 6.5/10
Director: Neill Fearnley
Stars : Rachel Boston, Jesse Moss, Andrew Airlie

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