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A Fatal ObsessionA Fatal Obsession :- Watch A Fatal Obsession on Youtube on Fire, Filmed in Mystic CT. in the dead of winter with the temperature at times dropping to -33 below zero you have to give the cast and crew credit that they were able to survive finishing the movie much less then survive the antics of its star Eric Roberts as burned out writer Michael Ryan. With his latest novel “Fatal Obsession” getting the thumbs down by the public Ryan too drunk and barley able to stand on his feet takes his frustrations out on his both wife Christie,Tracy Nelson, and teenage daughter Miri, Remington Moses, driving them out of his house as he almost strangled Christie to death. The surprise ending that comes 3/4 of way through the film was a lot like the ending in the 1954 Ed Wood classic “Jail Bate” with Michael reappearing out of the shadows with a whole new look as well as, up until he reviled himself, personality. What was really strange about the movie besides the crazed and filled with revenge Michael Ryan was the so many shots of water falls and title waves in the movie? Where they the script writers trying to tell us, the audience, something but never seemed to connect with those, or at least me, of us watching. Now with both Christe & Miri starting a new life with crazy and drunken Michael out of it in Mystic CT. he suddenly seems to have come back to finish the job, by murdering them , that he at first started.

A Fatal Obsession on YoutubeonFire :-
Release: 20 December 2015 (USA)
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10
Director: James Camali
Stars: Tracy Nelson, David Winning, Eric Roberts


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